We have decided to suspend our frozen meals service as we simply do not have the money to promote it sufficiently to provide an income to support our family and we believe getting into debt is stupid at this point in time. We are still offering catering services for weddings, private celebrations and business so please visit www.doinggoodcatering.com for menus or email hello@doinggoodcatering.com to start the conversation on how we may help you. Also, we are happy to provide meals for seniors at a reasonable price because so many of the options available are not to a good enough standard as far as we are concerned, so if you'd like to chat to us about how we can provide a delivery frozen meal service for your loved ones or clients then please get in touch. When lockdown eases, we hope to restart our cooking sessions, but for now, thank you for visiting and feel free to contact us direct at hello@doinggoodcatering.com with your query. Thank you to all our customers and please stay well. Love Emily & Steen xx

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